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Back In The Day:Guy*Guy*

Monday, March 8, 2010 , Posted by Odell at 3/08/2010 09:47:00 PM

There are not many albums that I put on that make me want to grab a magazine and roll it up to be a fake microphone and act like I'm a R&B singer. Well Guy's first album that was self titled Guy is one of those albums! In 1988 Teddy Riley,Aaron Hall, and Timmy Gatling(Who was replaced by Damion Hall a year later) came together to produce an album that had people dancing and slow jamming the night away. To this day when I hear Aaron Hall say "Jam Oh Jam Teddy Jam for me now" I'm transformed back to the days of high top fades,and MCM outfits and the silk shirts with the extra baggy slacks the late 80's LOL.
The group went on to have a follow up album titled the "Future" that gave us the classic "Let's Chill" but for me the first album was always the best. With tracks like Groove Me, Teddy's Jam and I like this album still gets rotation in my stereo. So enjoy this video and be sure to peep the fly MCM outfit Teddy Riley is rocking and the turtleneck underneath the Denim Jacket that Aaron Hall is rocking at the beginning of the video. The fashion may not be classic but at least the music is and like Teddy says at the end of the video "The party aint over" LOL


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    loved Guy back in the day. still have their self titled album on cassette tape, LOL. my fav song on the "Guy" album was "Goodbye Love." has such sentimental meaning to me that i nearly cry every time (not a love lost but leaving a great experience behind). nice post!

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